Another Rod Repair Method

Another oxidized steel countertop reinforcement rod has expanded and split this front sink rail. The granite is soaking up the rust, creating a black spot on the edge. A previous fill-n-run repair attempt has failed. These customers want a repair worthy of their million-dollar waterfront condo. A Kohler undermount sink with the shortened apron, as seen here, isn’t wide enough to cover the widest part of the sink cutout. Fortunately, a Kohler K-3942, a topmount, will cover it. Note the crack extending past the sink and over the dishwasher.

Kohler sends this cardboard jig with the sink so you can test if the sink is going to cover the cutout and not interfere with the lower cabinet doors. Doors may be adjusted and/or altered inconspicuously if they encroach on the jig a bit.

At the bottom and just to the right of the sink seam a female insert fastener can be seen embedded in the stone. The clip was never installed; there wasn’t room without pushing the sink back and increasing the size of the front rail to 5”. Had the sink been properly mechanically fastened, I may not have had to perform this repair. Note the nasty leak dribbles down the back of the cabinet front, exactly at the worst of the split. The cabinet traps so much moisture the door hinges are rusting.

Yes, it’s disgusting, but this picture illustrates how far off the installer made the sink reveals. Ironically, if he’d made the front-to-back reveals equal, he might have had room for the clips he didn’t install along the front rail.

Nasty leak; rusting hinge.

The paper template for the cutout is helpful, but I like to pull my dimensions directly from the sink. This particular sink had a crooked weld which made the front apron right side flange taper from ¼” to 1/8” where the left side was ¼” all the way. It’s better to find out you’re missing half your play before you make your cut and only the sink will tell you that.

I ripped off the edge of the left drawer front and glued it back on, the saw kerf giving me just enough clearance at the sink. A little filler and you’ll hardly see it. It’s best to get customers used to the idea of some unconventional tradeoffs on these retrofit jobs. The sink was mounted as far to the right as possible.


The ogee edge profile required a dab of silicone fill at the sink. The crack over the dishwasher has had the rod removed and been glued and polished to flush.