REHAU Offers RAUVISIO brilliant+ Mirror High-gloss Surface Collection With Enhanced Scratch Resistance

REHAU announces the addition of RAUVISIO brilliant+ TM non-scratch mirror high-gloss acrylic surfaces to its RAUVISIO high-gloss range of custom cabinet doors and individual matching components. All REHAU finished components are fabricated using seamless REHAU LaserEdgeTM technology, allowing furniture designers to create the look of solid surface or high-end lacquered finishes with manufacturing-friendly polymers.

“The enhanced scratch resistance of RAUVISIO brilliant+ allows consumers to enjoy a high-gloss, modern kitchen with more durability for real everyday life,” said Jesse Collins, marketing manager with REHAU’s furniture solutions division. “By resisting scratches, the surface remains highly reflective and smooth, hindering the growth of bacteria and germs.”

RAUVISIO brilliant+ adds to the company’s RAUVISIO brilliant line an advanced scratch-resistant option, particularly useful for darker tones where scratches tend to be more visible. Both products offer mirror-like reflectivity, without optical imperfections such as ripples and orange-peel, and excellent resistance to yellowing from UV exposure.

“The ever-popular white kitchen cabinets can be prone to yellowing in lower-end surfaces,” said Collins. “With a UV-resistance rating of 20-plus years, RAUVISIO brilliant takes that concern away by keeping the white light and bright.”

Available in a range of neutral to vibrant colors and metallics, RAUVISIO brilliant+ high gloss surfaces are perfect for interior design in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, hotels, bedrooms and more. The co-extruded laminate features a PMMA (acrylic) top layer that is color-matched to the ABS base layer. This process enhances both the depth effect and the UV resistance of the laminate, which lasts for 20-plus years.

“High gloss in kitchens is starting to become a more mainstream specialty product,” said Collins. “Its crisp, clean look provides an elegant backdrop for other styles or materials homeowners may wish to show off within their space. For many, high gloss tends to be more approachable when combined with textured options, such as an exposed brick wall, reclaimed wood and even poured concrete countertops.”

REHAU custom cabinet doors made with RAUVISIO brilliant+ and RAUVISIO brilliant feature double-sided gloss and are finished with the company’s patented LaserEdge seamless technology, bringing the same premium shine to all door surfaces. For a more economical option, RAUVISIO radiant TM cabinet doors feature seamless technology with a single-sided high-gloss finish and additional colors.

RAUVISIO products are offered as finished cabinet doors complete with matching REHAU LaserEdge adhesive-free edgeband, making seamless high-gloss finishes available to any woodworking shop without investment in machinery. Custom doors can be ordered online and are ready to ship in days. Pressed boards and edgeband are also available through the REHAU Express Collection stock program.