Stone-Cutting & Polishing Machinery Specialist Farnese North America New Distributor for Alphacam, by Vero Software

Farnese North America, a branch of the Australia based stone-machinery manufacturer Farnese Australia, is now a distributor of the Alphacam solution for cutting metal, wood and stone, by Vero Software.

“We’re thrilled that Farnese has become a member of our team, as Alphacam customers who use our solution for their stone-cutting needs will benefit from the expertise of these leaders in the stone-machinery industry,” says Perry Boyett, Alphacam Sales & Services Director-North America.

Alphacam Stone provides users with full support for 4 and 5-axis machine tools when planar machining. Also referred to as 3-plus-2 machining, this support enables Alphacam users to machine areas of parts that would otherwise be inaccessible, providing the ultimate in machine tool control.

Alphacam’s powerful post processing capabilities mean that all of the advanced functionality of a CNC controller can be supported, including plane rotation. This allows for tool radius compensation and arcs to be used at any angle, which dramatically reduces the amount of NC code required, smooths machine movement and improves accuracy.

Farnese Australia was founded in 2000 by the Farnese family, whose members have decades of combined professional experience and expertise in both the global stone industry and the local stone-machinery manufacturing industry.

The company is the only designer and manufacturer of stone cutting and polishing machinery in Australia, and its machines have found homes all over Australia, as well as New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam. Its range of machines caters to the diverse needs of the stone industry and includes bridge saws, edge-polishing machines and slab-lifting equipment. International headquarters are located at Ingleburn, on the south-western edge of Sydney, Australia. The company also has an office and warehouse in Houston, Texas.